Modern theatrical lighting is a unique art form, whose history until now has been exceedingly difficult to study due to limited access to original lighting documents. The Lighting Archive website is developing a collection of actual plots, focus charts, cue sheets from real shows. We will place an emphasis on historical productions and designers who have made important contributions to our field.

Advisory Committee
Ken Billington • Eric Cornwell • Beverly Emmons • Jules Fisher • Vivien Leone • John McGraw • Richard Pilbrow • Marilyn Rennagel • Steve Terry • Kenton Yeager

DONATION  The Lighting Archive is currently a volunteer effort. The grants received so far have been used to build the Website and its Content Management System so that we can put up more content by ourselves. It would be great to be able to pay a daily rate to assistants. If you are moved to help out please go to Artspire the website for The New York Foundation for the Arts /DonatetoFiscalSponsorship/Donate.aspx.
Where you will find us under Artist/Project: BEVERLY EMMONS/THE LIGHTING ARCHIVE and donate to us as we are a Sponsored Artist project and your contribution is entirely tax deductable.  Thank you.


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