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Peggy Clark

Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town - 1953


"One afternoon I wandered into Samuel French's, the famous theatre bookshop on Southampton Row in Covent Garden. And life changed.
A slim brown volume caught my eye. Theatrical Lighting Practice by Joel Rubin and Lee Watson. I opened it to a double page spread of...a lighting plot! Peggy Clark's WONDERFUL TOWN.  The revelation to me was that all the lights were drawn to scale - little silhouettes of the real thing. I was entranced and began to read.  In America there was an established profession called stage lighting designer.  Names such as Abe Feder and Jean Rosenthal and Stanley McCandless were mentioned.  I had to sit down.  It was quite a discovery."
This is a quote from pages 31 and 32 of Richard Pilbrow's book A Theatre Project published in 2011.