Notes for Scholars and Students

Notes for Scholars and Students
Suggestions for how to explore:
All the information to light Martha Graham’s Errand Into The Maze 1948 is contained in the 4 documents here. I know because I have reproduced these cues. They are just not in the formats we use today.
To study the paperwork:
·      Make a modern magic sheet to understand the plot, focus and cues
·      Rework all the documents into modern formats.
Imagine that you are the lighting designer in 1966. Using the 1963 plot and later associated documents:
·      Reconstruct the cues for Errand Into The Maze in the new plot
The channels (dimmers) in the ’63 plot are numbered differently but the lighting design concepts are there along with new ones. All the lighting ideas from 1948 are in the 1963 plot.
·      Make a modern magic sheet for 1963
·      Trace the numbering of the dimmers and concepts in the 1960 Night Journey cues
·      What lighting concepts have been added to the Graham Rep plot since 1948?
·       What other angles and colors are now available for the new works?
·      How are they used in Night Journey?
Underlying principals of Dance Lighting
In addition to all we know about side lighting and backlighting as essential principals for lighting design for dance, there are some other basic realities of the dance world that impinge on lighting design. The principal assets of an ongoing dance company are the successful dances that will be repeated year after year; their defining repertory. As these pieces are carried forward so is the original lighting design. The light plot that evolves, in addition to looking innovative for new works, must continue to accomplish the older ones. The economics of the business dictates that there is almost no time to tech or relight these pieces. The resulting ‘Rep’ plot evolves the signature look of these companies. This gives us a useful tool to explore the history of lighting design for dance. The example of the Martha Graham Company, whose existence dates from the early ‘30s to the present, gives us a chance to see an older look from 1948(Errand Into The Maze) and then a piece (Night Journey) from the 1950s with cue sheets from 1960 (which would be performed in the 1963 plot). The newest plots, focus charts and cues will be added to website.